Scotch Shortbread

Scotch Shortbread
( originalrezept aus Schottland)

4 oz. sieved plain flour
2 oz. castor sugar
4 oz. butter
2 oz. rice flour or ground rice

Combine flours and sugar in a mixing bowl.
Work in butter until the dough is the consistency of shortcrust.
Sprinkle board with rice flour.
Turn dough on to board and knead till smooth.
Cut into portions and shape into rounds.
This amount will make four small rounds.
Place on greaseproof paper in a baking tin.
Prick with a fork.
Put in oven at 350° F(!!!!!!!!!!).
When the Cakes begin to color ( from 20 to 30 minutes), lower the heat.
Allow to cool in the tin.


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